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Aldemi Rodrigues de Oliveira asked 3 weeks ago

Good Morning!

I’m having trouble with the plugin!
There is a lot of bug currently, I can not get it to work properly.
I bought this plugin a few days ago and only today I decided to install … But to no avail!

I implemented and implemented the API and the installation was well done.
is the plugin even though it has a problem.

The name of my city does not work with your plugin, however, I use the Newspapers theme of Tagdiv and the API works normally, and the name of my city works perfectly. Ja with your plugin, my city does not work, and I also enter other names of the neighboring cities to my city, also did not work!

Follow the pictures so you can understand better!


Its plugin it is nice, but it has a lot of bug!

You can see it installed here on my site that is under construction but I left it open so you can see it. It is at the bottom of the home page footer.

what can we do?

Thank you!